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Promises (Epilogue/32 + Epilogue)

Title: Promises
Rating: R
Word Count: 121,000+
Summary: Blaine and his younger sister, Cassidy, lives are changed and they have to learn how to deal with all of their new surroundings. And find the meanings to friendship, love and most of all family.

Notes: And now presenting the epilogue.

Disclaimer: I don't own Glee or the characters.

Blaine packed up the last box and taped it closed. He looked around the small apartment and realized even though it was a tough life, he was going to miss living here. He had many firsts here and lasts.

Cassidy ran in the room carrying Biddy, her stuffed rabbit, and a stuffed Snoopy she had gotten a few weeks ago at Cedar Point. "Blaine, where did my backpack go?"

Blaine looked around, "It's over here," he picked it up and handed the backpack to his sister.

Kurt was currently in New York waiting for them because he was getting the apartment ready for them to live in and his school needed him for new student activities. Blaine was finishing up his last few days of work and packing up the rest of the apartment.

Burt was going to drive them out to New York the next morning, but they were going to leave their apartment tonight and stay with the Hummel-Hudson's for the night.

Cassidy was excited about the road trip and she couldn't wait to start their life in New York. Blaine was excited too, but his nerves were getting the better of him. He still wondered if everything he had done was a good idea.

There was a buzzing noise and Blaine walked over to the box, "Yeah?"

"It's Burt," he heard through the speaker.

"Come on up," Blaine said hitting the button to unlock the door downstairs and he opened their front door.

Burt walked in and took a look around, "I think Kurt has more winter clothes boxes than this," he teased.

Blaine laughed, "I'm sure. To tell you the truth most of it is Cassidy's stuff."

"This box is mine," Cassidy said pointing to a box labeled with her name on it.

"Alright, you kids ready to head out then?" Burt asked them.

Cassidy nodded her head, "How is Stormy at your house?"

"He's fine," Burt laughed, "I don't think he slept last night exploring the entire house though."

Cassidy giggled, "I can't wait until he sees our apartment in New York," she said excitedly.

"I bet he can't stand the excitement either," Blaine said kissing her head, "Come on you can help carry a few of these boxes downstairs."

Blaine and Burt carried the heavier boxes, while Cassidy helped carry down some boxes that weren't quite so heavy.

Cassidy ran back up the stairs and looked around at the empty apartment, "It's all gone," she said.

Blaine followed her inside, "Yeah it is," he said wrapping his arms around her.

"I think I'll miss it," Cassidy looked up at Blaine, "Will you?"

"Yeah, I think I will," Blaine smiled down at her, "But that stain on the carpet is going to very rememerable."

Cassidy laughed, "That's where Stormy fell with all the sauce on him. And that is where you and Kurt first kissed."

"How do you know that?" Blaine asked her.

"I'm smart like that," Cassidy said walking over to her backpack and putting it on her back, "Are we leaving now?"

"I think so," Blaine sighed. He looked around the small apartment and remembered it was a huge step in his life. Katherine, Irene, and Eugene had one last dinner with them, with promises of Christmas cards and visits.

Cassidy reached up and took Blaine's hand taking him out of his day dream, "Burt asked if we were all done."

Blaine turned his head and saw Burt standing in the doorway, "You all set?"

"Yeah," Blaine nodded, "It just all feels a bit surreal right now."

Burt placed a hand on his shoulder, "I know, but I have no doubt that my boy has made that new apartment of yours perfect."

"I would never doubt that," Blaine laughed, "I was just saying goodbye."

Cassidy reached her other hand up and waved, "Bye apartment. You were good to us."

Blaine smiled down at his sister, "It sure was. How about we head down with Burt and meet Carole for dinner?"

"Can I pick what we have for dinner?" Cassidy begged.

Burt nodded, "I think that can be arranged. What were you thinking?"

Cassidy thought for a moment and put a hand under her chin, "Pizza?"

"Pizza sounds perfect," Burt said as he walked out of the apartment with Cassidy talking randomly about something Blaine couldn't hear.

Blaine looked around the apartment one more time. He reached up and turned the lights off. "Bye," he whispered quietly and shut the door.

"Okay open your eyes!" Kurt squealed in excitement.

Blaine and Cassidy opened their eyes. "Wow!" the siblings said synchronized.

"Kurt it looks amazing," Blaine said kissing him on the cheek.

Blaine looked around at the living room and saw the second hand couch and chair Kurt had picked out with the help of his aunts. Lydia and Carly finally made it official during the summer. Most of the pictures Kurt's family had given them were hanging on the wall with a well placed hand.

There was a bookshelf with books Blaine instantly recognized from Kurt's bedroom and room for more. And above the bookcase were pictures Blaine had never seen before. He got a closer look and recognized them instantly. One of them was from Burt and Elizabeth's wedding, then Burt and Carole's wedding and the last was from his own parents wedding.

"Sorry for keeping that one a bit of secret," Kurt said standing next to him.

"How did you?" Blaine asked him not sure of what words he was using.

Cassidy looked at the picture closer, "Is that Mommy and Daddy?" she asked.

Blaine nodded his head silently, "It sure is Sissy."

"You would be surprised how many photographers keep their old negatives from one of the best weddings they ever done," Kurt said with a smile.

Blaine couldn't say anything because he didn't have anymore words right now. He could only show Kurt, so he pulled him in to kiss him. "Thank you."

Cassidy must have run off because she was now pulling on his arm, "Look Blaine!" she said, "The kitchen is huge!" She then grabbed his hand and pulled him into the kitchen. It was just a bit bigger than the one from their last apartment. They knew it wouldn't be big because of the larger sized living room, but they didn't care.

Blaine ran his hand along the counter tops and reached up to rub his eyes. "Are you alright?" Kurt asked as he hugged Blaine from behind.

"Yeah," Blaine said letting out a small laugh, "I just can't believe it's ours."

"Come on," Kurt said taking his hand, "Come along Cassidy, I know you want to see your room."

"Do I!" Cassidy said following him into the hall. Kurt opened the first door on the right and gave Cassidy a small nod. She ran inside and let out a small scream, "It looks amazing!"

Kurt had wanted the entire redecorating of the apartment to be a surprise for Cassidy and Blaine, which meant they had no clue what it looked like. "You like it?"

Cassidy's room had walls that were recently repainted to a light pink color which Kurt commented quietly she could grow up with and her bed looked handmade. The head of the bed had a shelving unit that was in the shape of a castle for her stuffed animals and books.

Blaine looked closer, "Wait, who made this?"

"My dad did," Kurt smiled, "I couldn't find one I liked and he suggested this. Finn helped him out too. I think it turned out great."

"I love it," Cassidy grinned and then her eyes fell on the small table and chairs, "Look we can have tea parties here."

"Yeah," Blaine nodded as he watched his sister get more excited and then he looked over on the top of the dresser, "Wasn't this in your attic?"

"It was," Kurt said walking over, "Come here Cassidy, you see this doll house," he picked her up.

Cassidy nodded, "It's pretty. Whose was it?"

"It was my mom's," Kurt said to her, "And I couldn't think of a single person who I trust more than you to take care of it for her."

Cassidy lifted her hand and let it gently touch the top of the dollhouse, "It's so pretty."

"It is," Kurt said, "And you can open it like this."

Blaine saw he was having some difficultly with Cassidy in his arms so he went over to help. The small dollhouse opened and it had well crafted furniture inside of it. "You know this is something really special Sissy."

"I know," Cassidy said looking at the house as if she was afraid to touch it, "I hope your Mommy thinks its okay for me to take care of it for her."

"I imagine she will think you are perfect," Kurt said kissing her cheek. He turned to Blaine and set down Cassidy, "Want to see our room?"

"Sure," Blaine nodded his head slowly. He knew he shouldn't be, but he was nervous.

"You can stay in here and explore," Kurt said to Cassidy as he pointed over to the chest in the corner of the room.

Cassidy giggled and ran over to open it. She started pulling out a few of the things inside.

"Follow me," Kurt whispered as he took Blaine's hand and they walked into the hallway, "That's the bathroom of course," he pointed to the door across from Cassidy's room. "But this, this room is all ours. I know you may think it's silly but I spent the most time planning our room because I know even if you don't say it, it will probably be the most important room in this house because it's ours. It's yours."

Blaine knew he had a tear falling down his cheek, "Yeah. Okay."

Kurt smiled and opened the door. He walked in and quickly turned around realizing Blaine wasn't following him, "Sweetie, come on."

Blaine took a few tentative steps inside. He instantly noticed the soft cream color on the walls. Their bed was one of those sleigh beds, Blaine had no clue where it came from but trusted Kurt when it came to these things. Their comforter was a dark blue and it looked like the sheets accented with another blue wonderfully.

And then Blaine looked up and saw on the wall to the left of the bed. There were pictures Kurt had chosen to hang in their room instead of the living room and some he never saw before. There was one of them at Kurt's house before prom and at graduation in the hall after the ceremony. One Blaine loved as soon as he saw it was of them kissing under the gazebo at prom dancing with the crowns on their heads.

Blaine turned around and saw Kurt sitting on the edge of the bed, "How is it?" he asked biting his bottom lip.

Blaine took a few steps forward and sat down next to Kurt. He let his hand rest on the bed and he felt the sheets underneath his finger tips.

"Is something wrong?" Kurt asked worriedly, "Is it not a good color?"

Blaine once again couldn't find his words and shook his head. The tears started spilling out, "It's a bed. And it's here for us every night."

Kurt understood immediately, "Oh sweetie," he wrapped his arms around Blaine, "Of course it is."

Blaine's own arms wrapped around Kurt, "I can't believe any of this right now."

"It's our home Blaine," Kurt said pulling away just enough to kiss him on the forehead.

There was a small knock on the door, "Can I come in?" Cassidy asked peeking around the corner.

Blaine and Kurt pulled away, "Of course you can," Blaine said wiping his eyes.

Cassidy ran over and jumped up on the bed. She sat in-between them, "I think Stormageddon will like this place too."

Kurt laughed and kissed her on the head, "Yeah, I do too. I suppose we should get my dad and we can start moving you two in."

"Okay!" Cassidy said as she jumped off the bed and ran out of the room.

Blaine started to laugh to himself and Kurt looked at him with an eyebrow raised, "And what are you laughing at?"
"You know," Blaine said smiling, "That cat is going to be sleeping in here even if you don't want him too."

Kurt rolled his eyes, "Oh come on you."

Blaine followed as Kurt pulled him and he decided then that he was going to follow Kurt until Kurt told him to stop.

"First day of school!" Blaine said knocking on Cassidy's door, "We agreed if I go to school so do you!"

Cassidy walked out of her room wearing her new school uniform, "How does it look?" She was admitted into a public school, but they were required to wear uniforms as part of their learning curriculum. It was one of the higher education public schools as well.

"It looks perfect," Blaine smiled, "Do you want me to braid your hair?"

"Yes please," Cassidy said as she ran and sat down in one of the kitchen chairs. Blaine brushed and braided her hair into two braids.

Kurt walked into the kitchen and grabbed a coffee cup from one of the cupboards, "Well don't you look smart."

Cassidy giggled, "Thank you. I like the skirt. Thank you for fixing it."

"It was my pleasure," Kurt smiled as he poured coffee into his cup and took a drink, "Are you sure you are going to make it on time?" he directed towards Blaine.

"Yep," Blaine nodded, "My class doesn't start until a half hour until her school starts."

"Hmm," Kurt nodded, "And how much coffee had you had to drink already this morning?"

Blaine laughed, "Just a cup and half," he said picking up his abandoned cup from the table and drinking the rest, "Now two. I will probably grab some more with Santana later."

"Sure sure," Kurt smiled. His own classes started in just under an hour, but he couldn't make it on time if he went with them. He was sad about it. "Now I need a big ole second grader hug."

Cassidy giggled as she ran over and hugged Kurt. She kissed him on the cheek, "Thanks for keeping your promise."

"I always keep my promises," Kurt said as he kissed her on the cheek, "Now you will make your brother late if you don't hurry."

Blaine tugged on a light jacket and grabbed his bag of school books, "You ready Sissy?"

"Do you think Santana and Rachel can come over for dinner tonight to celebrate my first day of school?" Cassidy asked.

"I don't see why not," Blaine said handing her the new backpack she picked out and looked over at Kurt.

"I'll give Rachel a call," Kurt smiled, "Now off you two." Kurt leaned in and kissed Blaine, "I have that extra session today, so I won't be home until after three today."

"Okay," Blaine smiled, "I'll be here with my brand new second grader," he reached down to tickle his sister.

"Blainey!" she giggled, "We have to go! I can't be late."

Kurt reached over off the small table and handed Blaine his keys, wallet, and phone. "Have a good day."

"We will," Cassidy said pulling Blaine's arm, "Let's go!"

"Take pictures," Kurt shouted as Blaine and Cassidy started walking down the stairs.

Kurt shut the front door and smiled to himself. He picked up his own phone and saw a text message from his dad.

From Dad: Busy morning?

To Dad: Like you wouldn't believe.

To Dad: Can I call you?

From Dad: Do I even have to answer that question?

Kurt smiled to himself as he hit the call button and called his dad telling him about the morning they had.

"Blaine!" Kurt called out into the apartment, "I have news!" He and Blaine had just finished their second year of college. Kurt couldn't wait to come home to cuddle with his boyfriend and then eat a special dinner with his sister, Santana, Ashley, and Rachel later.

"In here!"

Kurt walked down the hall and entered the bedroom. Blaine was standing in the room and biting his lower lip. He looked extremely nervous and shuffled on his feet. Kurt knew Cassidy wouldn't be done with school for another hour. "What's this?"

Blaine held out his hand, "Well," he said, "Did you know we have been together nearly two and half years now."

"Oh have we?" Kurt giggled, "I believe that is a good estimate."

"I know," Blaine smiled as he took Kurt's hand and pulled him to the center of the room in front of their bed. "Kurt, I…okay, I can do this."

"Do what?" Kurt asked him.

"Hold on," Blaine said collecting his thoughts, "Okay, now Kurt do you remember the first day we met and you gave me that lavender rose at prom saying love at first sight?"

"I do," Kurt nodded slowly.

Blaine swallowed, "Well see it was for me too. Love at first sight I mean."

"Sweetie do you need to sit down?" Kurt asked him, "You look as if your about to pass out."

"No I'm fine," Blaine shook his head, "Can I just try and get this all out?"

"Go ahead," Kurt said taking his hands, "Just to hold you steady."

"Right. Where was I?" Blaine asked himself, "Right, well love at first sight we had that. And I thank whoever let us meet like that every day because my life without you would have been awful and painful and I'm so grateful you are here. We've learned more things about each other as the years have gone by, especially when we had that huge fight and I told myself I wouldn't bring that up." Blaine let go of one Kurt's hands to his forehead.

Blaine shook his head, "Never mind that, because we made up and I think we became an even stronger couple because of it. We lean on each other for comfort and take on the world together. And that is something I want to do for the rest of our lives." He then kneeled down on one knee, "Kurt will you marry me?"

Kurt looked down at Blaine and smiled, but then he couldn't help the laughs that escaped. "Blaine," he said laughing.

Blaine looked at him confused, "What is it? Is that a no?"

Kurt shook his head, "No," he laughed. He reluctantly let go of Blaine's hand and walked over to the small area he kept some of his skin care products. He opened a box and pulled out a small box. "Maybe because I was hoping to ask you the same question," he held up the small box.

Blaine couldn't help but let a small laugh from where he was still on the ground, "But you know, you never answered my question."

"Oh right," Kurt said as he walked back over to Blaine and took his hands again, "Do it again, not the entire speech, but the question."

"Okay," Blaine smiled, "Kurt Hummel will you marry me?"

"Yes Blaine Anderson, I will marry you," Kurt said, and his laughs turned into tears falling down his face. Blaine slipped the ring on Kurt's finger. "Now you stand," he said pulling Blaine up.

"Alright," Blaine said standing up.

"My turn for a speech," Kurt said, "Because I have been practicing this for months."

Blaine didn't say anything and just looked into Kurt's eyes.

"Do you remember a long time ago, it was before we started dating that Cassidy pulled me down and she whispered something in my ear? You wanted to know, but neither one of us told you. She told me that one day we were going to get married. At the time I brushed if off and played it off as your crazy sister being silly."

Kurt reached up and took both of Blaine's hands in his, "I now don't doubt for a second that she is one of the smartest little girls I know. And you just have to agree because here we are, together and more in love than we have ever been. We have been through so much and I can't believe the obstacles we have over came, but it's because we over came them together. And that is how the rest of our lives should be. Blaine Anderson would you do the honor of being my husband?" Kurt asked as he slid down to the floor onto one knee.

Blaine now had tears falling down his face freely, "Oh god yes. You know I will."

Kurt stood up quickly and took the ring out of the box placing it on Blaine's hand. "You have no idea how happy I am right now."

"You could show me," Blaine said with one of those smiles Kurt had learned so well, "We have time."

Kurt stared into his boyfriend—no, fiancé's eyes, "I think we do," and he pulled Blaine over to the bed.

Eleven year old Cassidy was tapping her foot impatiently waiting for her brother, "Blaine if you don't get out here this minute, I will send Santana in there!"

"Don't do that," Blaine said as he finally walked out into the room.

"Too late," Santana said crossing her arms in front of her, "You're tie is all wrong." She walked over to fix his tie, "Geez, you are marrying this guy you have been dating for four and half years. Why are you so nervous?"

Blaine's palms were sweating, "Oh god, my hands are sweating. My hands never sweat."

Cassidy handed him a paper towel, "I came prepared."

Blaine dried his hands as Santana fixed his tie, "There you go Anderson. Now don't touch it."

"Won't be able to call me that for long," Blaine said giving a shy smile.

"Oh right," Santana nodded, "I don't see why you are taking Kurt's name."

"Because," Blaine shrugged, "I want too."

Cassidy giggled, "I imagine he has other reasons, but he is already starting to sweat his gel out."

"I am!" Blaine said as he tried to run back into the bathroom, but Santana grabbed his arm.

"No, you look perfect and Kurt would love you even if you showed up to this wedding in a loin cloth holding a club," Santana said.

Blaine looked over at her, "I'm sure Kurt would care a lot. I would care a lot."

Cassidy giggled again, "Come on, you are going to be late and I am not having you late to your own wedding."

Cassidy and Santana walked out of the small room with Blaine following. They had agreed on the order for them to walk down the small aisle they had to go, Rachel, Finn, Santana, Cassidy, and then Kurt, with Blaine behind him. They had promised to not see each other until Blaine was walking down the aisle with Kurt looking back at him.

They were hiding Blaine behind a small sheet and he was shaking. Why was he so nervous right now? And then he heard Kurt's voice and his entire body relaxed.

"Rachel, leave it alone," Kurt snapped pushing her hands away and fixing his own tie.

Rachel looked over at Santana, "Is Blaine just as bad?"

"He is going for the more jittery stage," Santana smiled, "But they will cope. Come along young Cassidy we need to get lined up."

Finn smiled and hugged Kurt, "Don't worry about a thing bro." He went and stood behind Rachel in front of Santana.

The music started, their family and friends were going to walk in with a string section playing an instrumental version of A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes. Kurt and Blaine carefully selected a version they both liked and felt that it represented how they felt at this very moment.

When Cassidy had made it all the way down the aisle the shift in songs began. The instrumental version of Can You Feel the Love Tonight started playing. It was another carefully selected version by Kurt and Blaine.

Kurt stood there. Both he and Blaine had been silent as the others walked down the aisle, he felt he needed to say something. "Meet you down there," he said quietly as he started walking.

Blaine fumbled with his hands and listened for the slight key change letting him know it was his turn. When he heard the change, he stepped out from behind the makeshift curtain.

Kurt turned around and smiled as he realized he made it down the aisle without tripping. He looked over and saw his dad and Carole sitting down in the chairs smiling at him. He couldn't believe all the friends and family that had come to watch them in their marriage ceremony. Ashley sent him a wink and then to someone on Kurt's right. He knew Santana was there sending her a wink back. That was one relationship Kurt still couldn't process.

And then he saw Blaine starting to walk down the aisle. He had, of course, seen Blaine in tuxedos before, but he looked stunning and beautiful, and all Kurt wanted to do was take his hand running away with him.

Blaine started to walk down the aisle but he only had eyes for Kurt was giving him the same glazed looked. He looked spectacular in his tuxedo and all he wanted to do was take Kurt's hand.

Finally Blaine made his last steps and he stopped in front of Kurt. Neither one of them spoke until they had too because they found it difficult to put into the words how they were feeling. But in the end they did. They made promises to be together until they were old and grey and one of them couldn't find their glasses. Kurt couldn't help but laugh as Blaine repeated these words.

The next promises they made to one another was when they decided to add to their family. They needed a bigger house and one willing participant. Their willing participant came out of the blue, but they couldn't have asked for a better surrogate.

"Blaine!" Cassidy yelled in his face, "Would you calm down!"

Blaine looked around frantically, "But what if I'm a bad dad. What if I screw this kid up?"

Cassidy stared at her brother. He was now a twenty six year old married man to one of the most wonderful man she had ever met. And the next moment she saw Kurt running down the hall, "Did I miss anything?"

"Just this butthead thinking he isn't going to be a good dad," Cassidy said rolling her eyes. She put her hands on her hips, which was clothed by her school uniform that Kurt had once again fixed for her.

"What?" Kurt asked him confused.

"Thank you!" Cassidy yelled, "You know I didn't turn out wrong!"

Blaine looked at his sister, "But you…you're you."

Cassidy sighed as she walked over to her brother, "Now Blainey," a nickname she hadn't used for a long time, she was fifteen now, "I am me. But I'm only me because of you."

"She has a point," Kurt said to him.

Blaine sighed, "I think I'm just making myself go insane right now."

"Of course you are," Kurt kissed him, "That's because you are Blaine."

The three of them heard a scream. "And that would be Santana," Kurt smiled, "Come on, Daddy to be, we need to go have a baby."

"You'll be fine out here?" Blaine asked his sister.

Cassidy nodded, "Yep. I'll gather all of our troops as they arrive."

"Could you call my parents," Kurt said as he handed her his bag.

"No problem," Cassidy smiled waving her hand, "Now get in there and deliver my niece or nephew." She still couldn't believe that Kurt and Blaine didn't want to know.

"Will do," Kurt laughed, "Let's go!" Kurt pulled Blaine inside the room that still had a look of internal screaming.

Cassidy called everyone should think of. She started with Burt and Carole, following Finn. She then called Ashley letting them know where they were. And Rachel was after her. After that she sent out a mass text message to everyone she knew or that Kurt and Blaine would want to know.

It was about an hour later when Blaine finally came running down the hall. Cassidy was now joined by Rachel, Ashley, with Burt, Carole, and Finn who had flown in just the day before. They all stood up as he got closer.

"It's a boy!" he shouted.

Cassidy ran into Blaine's arms, "Congratulations!"

"Thanks," Blaine said hugging his sister back, "You all want to see him?"

"Is it alright for me to see Santana?" Ashley asked him.

Blaine nodded, "Yeah, here I'll drop you off while we walk to the nursery."

The group dropped off Ashley, with her promising to see the new baby later, and made there way to the nursery. They stopped and looked inside the window of the nursery. Kurt was standing next to a bassinet and he was lightly stroking the baby's cheek.

"There he is," Blaine pointed to his husband and new baby.

"He is so handsome," Burt said patting Blaine on the shoulder.

Blaine nodded, "He got Kurt's hair, eyes, and ears. Unfortunately he got Santana's mouth."

Cassidy nudged her brother, "Oh shush you."

Kurt walked out into the hallway with a nurse following him, "She just needs the name and we are all set."

"Oh," Blaine smiled as Kurt took his hand. "Dylan Bradley Hummel."

"Thank you," the nurse smiled as she wrote down the information and walked away to finish the paper work.

Cassidy stared at her tiny nephew, "You named him after Dad."

"We did," Blaine nodded enthusiastically.

"And my dad," Kurt said as he looked over at his own father.

"Think we can hold him?" Cassidy asked excitedly.

Blaine looked at Kurt, who gave a small nod, "Just two at a time, they don't want to many people in there."

"Go on," Finn said pushing Cassidy towards the door.

Cassidy smiled, "Can I go first?" she asked looked at everyone else.

Blaine took her hand, "Come on," he said pulling her inside. "Alright Dylan, you are going to meet your Aunt Cassidy." Kurt followed them inside and stood next to Blaine watching him carefully.

Cassidy watched as Blaine gently picked up the small baby and handed him to her. She held him gently in her arms. There was a nurse there looking after the other babies, she smiled over at them.

But Cassidy didn't see her. All she saw was the small bundle in her arms, "Hi. I'm your Aunt Cassidy, but you will probably just call me Aunt Cass or Aunt Sissy because it's easier to say. But I want you to know you have two of the greatest dads because I think I turned out alright. And if you ever need me I will be right down the hall, because I have been cockblocking them for years."

"Cassidy!" Blaine and Kurt said at the same time.

Cassidy laughed, "Sorry, I had too." She looked back down, "How about you meet your grandma and grandpa?" Handing over Dylan back to Blaine, she kissed Blaine and Dylan on the cheek and then Kurt's, "I meant it. He has the greatest dads on earth."

"Just go get Carole and Burt," Blaine said rolling his eyes.

Cassidy laughed and walked out to retrieve them. "She is totally your sister," Kurt smiled and kissed Blaine.

"And I think we'll be alright," Blaine said looking at the bundle in his arms.

Kurt nodded as he wrapped his arms around Blaine, "I know we will."

The couple made promises to each other through out the rest of the lives and kept them. The word wasn't one to be thrown around in the household. Promising means many things, but for Kurt and Blaine it means love, commitment, and family. All of the things they wouldn't have without making their promises true.

End Chapter Notes: And ta da! Here we are at the end of a journey. A few of you asked, and I have to sadly decline the idea of a sequel. I have some personal and writer reasons why, but there isn't going to be a sequel.
Now just because there isn't a sequel doesn't mean it's the end. I do plan on writing some one-shots. I don't know how many or when I will write them. I have a small list started, but what about you guys? Is there something you wanted to see that I didn't write? Or something in there future that I didn't write? Just leave a review or tell me on my tumblr: jonasgeek(.tumblr).com (Just take out the parenthesizes.)
So once again I want to thank you all for everything! And I'll see you all next time!


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