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Promises (32b/32 + Epilogue)

Continued on...

Blaine and Kurt found themselves covered in the red gowns and red caps for their graduation ceremony. They were waiting for their teachers to tell them to line up, so they were relaxing with their friends for a few minutes.

"I can't believe this is it," Puck said out loud what everyone was thinking.

"It's not though," Finn said, "We all may be doing things here and there, but we still have the summer and we are so planning some reunions."

"At least once a year," Tina smiled through the tears falling down her face.

"And maybe more," Santana shrugged, everyone turned to look at her surprised, "What? I can't miss you guys too?"

Rachel smiled as the tears were falling down her own face, "I think we need one last huddle before our last time singing together."

They all agreed, standing up and putting their hands in the center. "Let's kick some ass!" they all shouted and fell into a fit of giggles.

Principal Figgins walked in, "Time to line up in alphabetical order please." It took them all awhile to line up even if they had been going to school with one another for a while.

Once all the students were in alphabetical order, they began marching out by pairs. Blaine was walking next to a girl from one of his math classes. She gave him a smile as they started walking into the auditorium.

Blaine turned and looked through the crowd until his eyes found who he was looking for. Cassidy was standing up in her chair waving in Blaine's direction. Blaine waved back, trying to be as discrete as possible. He saw Ashley sitting next to her and Katherine next to her. Irene and Eugene couldn't make it, but saw Blaine off this morning. And, of course, on Cassidy's other side was Burt, Carole, and Kurt's Aunt Lydia and her partner, Carly, had even made it back.

When all of the students were sitting down, Principal Figgins stood by the microphone making a speech which everyone applauded politely to at the end. The valedictorian, whom Blaine thought was in his one of his classes, gave a speech as well. They were going to start calling the students, so they had the first row stand up and line up.

Blaine turned and looked for Kurt in the crowd of red gowns, spotting him, he waved. Kurt laughed as he waved back to his boyfriend.

The students walked slowly and finally he heard his name.

"Blaine Michael Anderson with honors."

Blaine walked across the stage and he already felt a tear fall down his face. He couldn't believe that the day had come. He was graduating against all odds. He was taking the next step in his life.

Soon Blaine was sitting back down and Kurt was waiting for his turn to walk across the stage. Kurt smiled over at Blaine, and sent him a smaller wave this time.

"Kurt Elizabeth Franklin Hummel."

Blaine smiled as they announced Kurt's name. Blaine knew about Kurt using his mother's name as a middle name, but he had changed his name officially keeping his original middle name and adding mother's name.

Kurt walked across the stage graciously accepting his diploma that he will end up hanging up next to Blaine's in their apartment together in New York with them and Cassidy.

The last words of the graduation were coming to a close. The only thing left was for the New Directions to sing their song to the graduating class of 2012.

"And now we have our National winning Glee Club, the New Directions!" Principal Figgins shouts into the microphone.

Slowly from the groups of students, the New Directions all come from their different seats and come together on stage for one final time in front of their peers, teachers, parents, guardians, siblings, grandparents, and friends.

Kurt stood next to Blaine, they clasped hands and so did everyone else. They looked to there left to see their teacher walking up to the stage.

Mr. Schuester followed and picked up the ukulele and gave a nod to his students knowing they were going on to do things no one had ever imagined possible for them. He started strumming waiting for Rachel and Finn to start singing.

If I go before I say to everyone in my ballet

Let me take this chance to thank you for the dance

Tina and Mike picked up where they had left off.

If I run out of songs to sing to take your mind off everything

Just smile, sit a while with the

They started singing together, their voices combining, and the rest of New Directions joining in at the last line.

Sun on your face and remember the place we met

Take a breath and soon I bet you'll see

Without you I would never be me

You are the leaves of my family tree

The New Directions started swaying on stage with one another, not caring if anyone saw the tears sliding down their faces.

Sing together

If you knew me from the very start,

Or we met last week at the grocery mart

Just sing together

It's the least that I can do

My final gift to you

Oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oooo

Puck and Quinn sang the next couple of lines together.

When I'm past the pearly gate, I will find some real estate

Where we can settle down and watch the world go round

Kurt and Blaine started singing together out loud and together.

We'll send down all the love we got and let them know we got a spot

For them to be and it's all free,

Artie and Sam combined their voices, which is something they hadn't tried before.

The sun on your face and remember the place we met

Take a breath and soon I bet you'll see

Mercedes, Brittany, Santana, and Lauren sang the last few lines with the New Directions joining in.

Without you I would never be me

You are the leaves of my family tree

Suddenly everyone in the audience was on there feet, swaying and watching the group, no they were a family, on the stage giving everything they had into the song.

Sing together

If you knew me from the very start,

Or not at all you're still a part, just

Sing together

It's the least that I can do

My final gift to you

Oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oooo

Oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oooo

As they sang the closing lines, the entire room erupted into cheers. Mr. Schuester walked up to the microphone, "Congratulations to the Class of 2012!"

Most of the students took their caps off and started throwing them in the air. Blaine turned to Kurt and they just stood there smiling until someone bumped Kurt causing him to wrap his arms around Blaine's neck to keep from falling.

"Hello Mr. Graduate," Blaine teased.

Kurt grinned, "Hello to you too Mr. Graduate," he leaned in closing the space between them pressing their lips together.

Blaine pulled back, "I love you so much."

"I love you too," Kurt laughed, "Let's go find our family."

"I would quite like that," Blaine said taking Kurt's hand and they went out into the hallway looking for their family.

Later on, all of the New Directions and their families were at Kurt and Finn's house celebrating the graduation. They were all huddled in the living room sharing stories.

"And how we only had the five of us," Tina laughed.

"There were really only five of you?" Blaine asked them, "How did you do songs?"

Kurt nodded, "We managed sort of. And yes, but you know Rachel refused to count Artie."

"Hey," Rachel argued, "We learned that Artie was very important asset to us."

"Thank you Rachel," Artie said rolling his eyes.

Ashley came up and put her arms around Blaine's neck, "What am I going to do with you away in New York?"

Blaine laughed, "I'm sure you will find someone to do, I mean something."

Ashley hit him playfully on the back of the head, "Very funny Anderson, you're lucky I was so nice to you the night of your prom."

"Wait that was you?" Kurt said shocked.

"Who do you think it was the tooth fairy?" Ashley asked with a snort, "Just hoping my boy here made good with his bargain."

Blaine blushed and Kurt leaned over, "I think he may have," he whispered quietly so no one, but Blaine could hear.

Cassidy suddenly ran over and jumped in Finn's lap, "It's present time!"

"Cassidy, it isn't a birthday party," Blaine said to her, "And be careful in Finn's lap please."

"No, it's present time for you guys," Cassidy smiled at them.

"What are you talking about?" Rachel asked and turned around to see Mr. Schuester carrying a bag.

"Hey guys," Mr. Schuester smiled as he sat on the edge of the couch, "I didn't want to break up the party, but I had a something I wanted to give you guys before you left." He reached into the bag and started handing out wrapped presents to everyone. They were the height of a cereal box, but skinnier in width, and they were all tagged with their names, "Well open them up."

All of the New Directions tore open the presents and opened the boxes. Blaine gently opened his box and sliding out was a plaque. It had a picture of them from Nationals after that had won with the confetti flying and them jumping up and down. The plaque read, 'Being a part of something special makes you special,' along with, 'National Champions 2012,' and their individual names.

"I just couldn't stand the thought of not giving you all something to remember that moment," Mr. Schuester smiled at all of them.

Everyone stood up and formed a group hug around Mr. Schuester, he was right. That moment in their lives would be something that should live on forever.

Carole was picking up the empty pizza boxes on the coffee table, when she saw Blaine and Kurt talking to Cassidy at the kitchen table. They were the only ones in the room and seemed at peace with it all.

Burt put his hand on her shoulder, "Think we should give it to them now?"

"Yeah, I think we should," Carole smiled, "What do you think Lydia?"

"Oh I have been waiting all night," Lydia said excitedly, "Come on Carly," she held her hand out to her partner who took her hand.

The couples walked into the kitchen carrying something behind their backs.

"Hey Dad," Kurt laughed, "Cassidy was just—is something wrong?"

"No no," Burt shook his head, "Quite the opposite actually."

Carly smiled, "I like how he thought they were in trouble."

"That's my Kurt," Lydia laughed.

Carole pulled out a chair and placed a box on the table, "These are for you."

"What's in there?" Cassidy asked.

"Why don't you three open it and find out," Carole smiled.

Cassidy, Blaine, and Kurt all reached out to pull the box closer to them, "Pictures?" Kurt asked taking one of the framed pictures out, "This is at your birthday Cassidy." It was a picture of the three of them dancing around in the living room.

Blaine pulled one out, "It's Christmas, I didn't know you took that." The picture was Cassidy on Finn's shoulders and giggling. There were several more pictures in the box as well.

Cassidy took out another picture, "Look it's when they visited Stormy!" The framed picture had Cassidy handing Stormy over to Burt who looked a bit scared to hold the small cat.

"It is," Blaine nodded with a giggle and then he looked over at the picture Kurt was holding. A tear was falling down his cheek. He looked over and saw the picture, it was all three of them sleeping on Kurt's bed that one night after he saw his uncle for the last time in his life. None of them had a clue when Carole took the picture, but they were so grateful.

"No house can be welcomed without a few pictures to hang up," Carole said giving them a wink, "And as for how I did it, that's my little secret."

"They are perfect," Kurt said looking up.

"All of them," Blaine finished for him.

Cassidy was stroking the frames, "I like this one because it matches the frame."

Burt then cleared his throat, "Now here's the thing, we know you three aren't leaving for a month or two, but we wanted to give you this now because soon you three will be off doing god knows what getting ready to leave, so this is your present," he handed them an envelope, "Think of it as a graduation present."

"It's from all of us," Lydia said smiling wide.

Kurt took the envelope from his dad, "Dad, what's in here?"

"Open it up," Carly said excitedly.

Kurt shrugged and opened up the envelope, inside was just a sticker. The sticker was just of the character Snoopy from Peanuts. "Erm, I don't get it."

"Maybe this will help," Burt said handing them some papers.

Blaine's eyes widened, "You're sending us to Cedar Point for an entire week!"

Cassidy jumped out of seat, "Really? We're going to Cedar Point?"

Kurt looked up at his parents and aunts, "You're not pulling our legs here?"

"No," Burt laughed, "We thought it would be good to start your adventures together where…what is it?"

Lydia laughed, "Where your family will begin."

"Yeah that," Burt said.

"Thank you," Blaine said, "Thank you so much, I don't think you have any idea how much this means to us."

"I think we do, now get over here and give us all hugs," Carole stood up and soon Burt followed. Lydia and Carly followed them.

Blaine Anderson's life changed as soon as he bumped into Kurt Hummel that day. He hadn't known it then, but he knew it now. He understood what it was like to have someone take care for him, understand him, and love him.

Blaine always wanted what was best for Cassidy. He wanted to give her a family, something he felt they had lost. In the end, they never lost family, only what he believed what the meaning of family was. But now they had Kurt, Ashley, Burt, Carole, Finn, Rachel, Katherine, Kurt's Aunt Lydia and Carly, and all of the New Directions who cared about them and called them family.

At first, Blaine didn't understand, but now he does. He understands because his sister never let him give up hope. His sister never let him give up on life.

Now he was moving on to the next step in his life and making choices for himself, something he hadn't done for a long time. He knew that it wasn't going to be easy. Life wasn't easy, but having a family changes everything, especially one as special as his.

If this was written in an actual book there was be tears all through this chapter and the epilogue.
Alright first and foremost I want to thank everyone for reading this story. I had no idea that so many people would read this monstrosity in the beginning but you did. And I just can't thank you all enough for that. I actually started crying with some of the reviews I've gotten. And secondly to everyone who just read the story, but never said anything I love you all too. I flailed every time I got an email saying someone favorite-ed or alert-ed the story. Or if you just checked to see if I updated, my heart leaps. But yes, thanks.
The epilogue will be posted the following day today, so I won't put the story as complete just yet. So now I am going to go to bed and sleep because I should have hours ago. And I chose to annoy you all now because I don't want the epilogue to be a mess. I just want it simple and clear up a few questions at the end you may have or if you have let me know. That is all.


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