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Promises (31a/32 + Epilogue)

Title: Promises
Rating: R
Word Count: 111,803+
Summary: Blaine and his younger sister, Cassidy, lives are changed and they have to learn how to deal with all of their new surroundings. And find the meanings to friendship, love and most of all family.

Notes: Doo da doo! Alright we have one more chapter after this...and maybe an epilogue I'm still trying to decide.
But anyways, this chapter is sort of on the longer side because I figured I could either cut it in half and be weird and random or just have a nice big chapter. So a nice big chapter it was! And lots of music!

Disclaimer: I don't own Glee or the characters. I don't own the songs: Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast sung by the cast, Why Should I Worry? from Oliver & Company sung by Billy Joel, Candle on the Water from Pete's Dragon sung by Helen Reddy, Welcome from Brother Bear sung by The Blind Boy of Alabama

"Well kids," Mr. Schuester said as he sat down on the stool in front of the New Directions, "We have something important to discuss."

Kurt and Blaine looked up from their conversation with Cassidy who was seated between them. Everyone else looked up from there own conversations they were having.

Mr. Schuester looked around, "Now we have been working on our group numbers, but we still need a ballad."

Rachel raised her hand, "I have a beautiful rendition of Someday My Prince Will Come in my repertoire."

"Well I think we should with a most soulful sound," Mercedes said, "I know I can sing Reflection if you need me too," she smiled.

Mr. Schuester held up his hands, "Now I know many of you have your own ideas. And we have a few others that are singing lead on our other two songs. But I think since this is going to be the last year for so many of you, we could have a vote on the song and then we would discuss the singer afterwards."

Rachel smiled, "That sounds like a wonderful idea Mr. Schuester."

Cassidy kicked her legs and then raised her hand in the air. Blaine saw her hand out of the corner of his eye and wondered what his sister was doing.

"Yes Cassidy?" Mr. Schuester asked her.

Cassidy lowered her hand, "You should sing the song from Pete's Dragon."

"What's Pete's Dragon?" Puck asked.

"It's a movie," Cassidy said as she kicked her feet.

"Well I got that," Puck said.

Blaine looked back and gave him a look, "It's a movie about a little boy and his dragon. I think she is referring to Candle on the Water?"

"Yep," Cassidy nodded her head.

"Oh I love that song," Tina smiled, "I didn't know it was a from a Disney movie."

Mr. Schuester thought for a moment and then turned around to write the name of the song on the board. "Anything else?"

"So This Is Love," Sam shouted out. Everyone looked at him, "What it's my little sister's favorite Disney movie."

"Alright," Mr. Schuester nodded as he wrote down another song, "Does anyone have another song?"

The group worked through the next few days deciding songs and then continued to learn their notes and dances. There were a few times they weren't agreeing, but rather talking very loudly or just arguing as Cassidy said the grown up word was for it.

And that is how they found themselves riding on a "fancy" bus, another word Cassidy had chosen, on their way to Chicago for Nationals.

"Look at this one Blainey," Cassidy said showing Blaine yet another drawing she had drawn on the ride.

"That's a nice one," Blaine nodded his head.

Kurt leaned over the aisle, "I think you have a bit to much negative space there," he pointed to the sky.

Cassidy looked up at him and gave him the Anderson look, "I do not."

Kurt laughed, "Okay, fair enough," he turned back to the magazine he was reading.

Cassidy stuck her tongue out of the corner of her mouth as she concentrated on her coloring. Blaine laid his head back on the head rest. He was thankful for Burt and Carole volunteering to help with Cassidy by being the parent volunteers on the trip. Ashley even said she would try and make it.

"Do you think Stormageddon is going to be okay all alone?" Cassidy asked for probably the fiftieth time that day.

"I'm positive," Blaine leaned over and kissed the top of her head, "Katherine said she will extra special care of him. And I'm sure all the treats you gave him he will still love you."

"You feed your kitty treats?" Brittany asked from in back of them.

Cassidy looked over her shoulder and nodded, "Yes I do. But only when he is good."

"Lord Tubbington only gets treats when I know he hasn't been smoking," Brittany told her.

"Wow," Cassidy said with wide eyes, "Stormy likes it when we let him in the closet, I think he has a hideout in there."

Brittany nodded, "He probably does."

Blaine and Cassidy switched seats, so she could talk to Brittany better. Blaine watched the two talk and he looked over at Kurt, "Looks like someone found a friend."

Kurt laughed, "So she has. Really should have seen that one coming."

Blaine nodded, "Sorry we couldn't sit next to each other."

"I don't mind," Kurt smiled looking over at Blaine, "Besides it gives me a chance to spread out. I was looking at apartments, and found these as our top ten selections."

Blaine looked over, "Woah."

"Oh," Kurt looked down, "No those are the dream ones. These are the ones in our price range," he handed Blaine another folder.

Blaine sighed, "Still woah."

Kurt nodded, "I know, but we need two bedrooms and those aren't as easy to come by. Course I was also looking into one room with an office, some of them are a bit cheaper."

"That could work too," Blaine agreed.

"Yes," Kurt nodded, "Plus then we can paint the rooms as we want."

"While these are great Kurt," Blaine sighed, "What about schools? I mean—" he was cut off by Kurt handing him a stack of papers.

"These are all of the schools in the areas we are looking for. Some of them are public and some aren't. I mean she could potentially get into a private school with a full ride since she is so smart."

Blaine leaned over and kissed Kurt, "Thank you."

Kurt blushed, "You're welcome I guess."

Rachel was sitting in the one of the chairs behind Kurt and looked over his shoulder, "Oh that's close to where I am thinking of moving too." She had been sort of down lately because her and Finn were now discussing their options as a couple since Finn was staying at Ohio State, while she was going to New York.

Cassidy looked over, "Really? We will get to see you when we move to New York?"

"Course you will silly girl," Rachel smiled over at her.

Cassidy bounced in her seat, "Hey Sissy, sit down on your bottom," Blaine warned her.

"Fine," Cassidy said as she rolled her eyes and sat down on the chair.

"Don't be rolling your eyes at me," Blaine said to her.

Cassidy just squinted her eyes and stared at her brother, "How do you know I did that?"

"I have eyes on the back of my head," Blaine said simply. Kurt laughed from his seat.

"No you don't," Cassidy sat up and looked in Blaine's hair.

"I thought you had gremlins living in there?" Brittany asked leaning over the seat.

Cassidy's face scrunched in confusion, "Like Gizmo?"

Blaine and Kurt looked over at each other and then started laughing. Cassidy and Brittany both looked at them confused over what they were laughing at.

"See," Santana said from her seat beside Brittany, "When people are around each other as much as them they start to go crazy."

"They are not," Rachel said watching her two friends still laugh, "They are just so in sync with one another they just laugh at the same things."

"No," Kurt shook his head through his laughs.

Blaine wiped a tear from his face, "Actually it's because we were watching the Gremlins one night."

"And I said to Blaine that he probably shouldn't be watching the movie," Kurt laughed.

"Because then the gremlins in my hair would get some ideas," Blaine leaned over in his seat.

Cassidy looked at them, "Blainey that's not funny."

"I'm with the munchkin on this one," Santana said, "I thought it was going to turn into a sex joke."

Kurt and Blaine froze to look at one another, "It did," they said at the same time and started laughing again.

Rachel stared at them, "Maybe we should stop asking questions."

"No keep going," Santana said.

The couple finally slowed down their laughing, "Never going to happen Lopez," Kurt said giving her a look. He still wasn't on good terms with her for what she said to Blaine, but he was beginning to see she why she did it.

"A girl can try," Santana shrugged falling back into her seat.

Kurt just grinned over at Blaine, "I think that concludes our weekly nights of watching movies."

"Oh no," Blaine shook his head, "We have to otherwise I wouldn't have found out about your love for the Labyrinth."

Kurt snorted a laugh, "So true."

Mr. Schuester stood up from his seat and turned to look at everyone, "Alright, I need your attention since we are about twenty minutes away from Chicago now."

Everyone cheered on the bus.

"Right," Mr. Schuester said as he shuffled his papers in his hands, "First order of business is room assignments. We have four rooms to split among the lot of us. I came up with this arrangement with Mr. and Mrs. Hummel helping me out. In the first room we will have Finn, Puck, Artie, Sam, and Mike. Then in the second room we have Santana, Brittany, Tina, Lauren, and Quinn. And in our third room we will Rachel, Mercedes, Kurt, Blaine, and Cassidy."

Cassidy bounced in her seat when she heard her name, "I get to be in the same room as you," she said pulling on Blaine's sleeve.

Mr. Schuester gave them a look, "And with that we hope you are responsible and don't break anything."

Puck laughed over the fact of what happened last year in New York.

"The mattress forts were not a good idea," Mr. Schuester said, "And now we are on to our final song list selections. Are we all settled and set with that?"

"Yes!" a resounding noise came from within the bus.

"Alright then," Mr. Schuester laughed, "And with that in mind, we will have exactly the rest of the day today to visit the city, but then tomorrow our entire day is devoted to Nationals, and hopefully the next day we can ride home on this bus as First Place winners!"

The bus erupted in cheers as they were all ready for a Nationals win.

The bus driver smiled, "And we made it to Chicago!"

The New Directions erupted in cheers again! They are all ready to start this next part of their lives.

Mercedes was lounging on the bed, while Rachel was pacing back and forth looking through her phone. Blaine and Cassidy were laying on the other bed, with Kurt sitting on the edge.

They were checked in at the Hilton Downtown where the competition was going to be held the next day. They were now allowed to go out in pairs, and explore, but they were to meet at Gino's East pizzeria at seven for dinner with everyone.

"Where were you guys going to go?" Mercedes asked flipping through the channels.

Kurt smiled, "We were going to walk the Magnificent Mile," he looked over at Blaine and Cassidy.

"I want to go to the American Girl store," Cassidy said bouncing on the bed a little.

"Finn and I were going to walk the Navy Pier," Rachel sighed, "And then hopefully I can drag him to some other places too."

Mercedes watched as she paced, "Sam and I were going to walk around sight seeing a bit."

"That's what my parents wanted to do," Kurt sighed as he leaned back on his hands, "I told them we could handle the rugrat."

Cassidy nodded, "Yep, Blaine shouldn't give us any problems."

Blaine's eyes widened at his sister's comment, "Oh really," he reached over and started tickling her, "I think he was referring to you."

"Blainey," Cassidy whined as she was tickled.

There was a knock on the door and Rachel ran over to open it revealing Sam, "Ready to go Mercedes?"

"Sure am," Mercedes got off the bed, "See you guys later at dinner."

"Bye," they all waved her off. Soon Finn came by to pick up Rachel and Burt and Carole stopped by to make sure they were alright.

"Ready to go?" Blaine asked them as he put his shoes on.

Cassidy nodded as she adjusted her dress she had chosen, "All set."

"Yep," Kurt said as he tucked one of the hotel key cards in his wallet, "Just incase and Cassidy this is for you."

Cassidy took the badge Kurt handed her, "What's this?" she asked Blaine.

Blaine smiled and leaned down to tuck it in her pocket, "It has your name and then has my phone number, Kurt's phone number, Burt and Carole's phone number, Mr. Schuester's phone number and the hotel's address and phone number, just in case you somehow get separated from us."

"Oh I won't get lost," Cassidy shook her head.

"It just eases my mind," Blaine said patting her head, "Just be sure it's safe and keep it with you for tomorrow too."

"Okay," Cassidy nodded.

They trio left the hotel and started to walk the streets of Chicago, taking an alternate route so they could see a few of the sights on the way.

"It looks like a giant bean!" Cassidy exclaimed as they walked closer to the sculpture.

"It's nicknamed the Bean," Kurt laughed at her.

Cassidy pulled Blaine and Kurt's arms to get a closer look, "You can see yourself," she said and made a silly face.

"And watch this," Blaine said as he lay down on the ground.

Cassidy quickly followed and lay down beside her brother, "Come on Kurt."

"I am not getting my—fine," Kurt sighed as he saw the puppy dog look from Blaine. He lay down on the ground beside Cassidy. "I'm going to take our picture," he pulled out his camera, "Now make the silliest faces."

All three of them made silly faces and laughed. "We should take a serious one too," Blaine suggested. The three of them all stuck their hands under their chins as if they stroking beards and thinking.

"Now we really need a serious one," Kurt said as he held up the camera to take a picture, but then someone walked by wearing a shirt that said Gremlins rock! They all laughed as the timer went off taking their picture.

They sat up and Kurt looked through the pictures, "Oh we are printing some of these and putting them in our apartment." Cassidy grinned at those words and so was Blaine.

"Do you want your picture taken?"

Kurt turned around and saw a woman standing there. "Oh, sure," he said standing up, "That is nice of you. Just hit this button here," he handed her the camera.

Turning around Kurt found Cassidy and Blaine ready and posing. "Come on Kurtie," Cassidy waved him over.

Kurt walked over and stood next to Blaine wrapping an arm around his waist with Cassidy standing in front of them. The woman grinned, "Alright, say mashed potatoes."

"Mashed potatoes!" they all shouted.

"Here you are," the woman handed the camera to them, "We were watching you from our spot over there and I figured I would help out a bit. You three make quite the adorable family."

Cassidy nodded, "I think we do, even though we adopted Kurt."

Kurt laughed, "Well I guess that cat's out of the bag."

"Have a good day," the woman waved and walked away.

Blaine watched her walk away and then touched Kurt's side, "Look," he pointed in the direction the woman walked away. They saw the woman walk up to another woman kissing her on the cheek then taking her hand and walking away.

Kurt reached down and held Blaine's hand, "I love you."

"I love you too," Blaine said kissing the corner of Kurt's mouth. They were both in awe over how they may not be able to show their emotions as often in public, but they could here, even if it is for a brief moment.

"Can we keep walking now?" Cassidy asked them.

"Sure thing Sissy," Blaine said, "Now if you get tired just let us know."

"I won't," Cassidy shook her head, "I'm a big girl."

"Then let's head out," Kurt said, "Onward march!"

Cassidy giggled as she took Blaine's hand and pulled him, which caused Blaine to pull Kurt along.

The trio walked along the Magnificent Mile, with Kurt stopping at some shops he wanted to visit. Cassidy often asked where the American Girl Place is, but she was trying very hard to be patient.

"Are we almost there?" Cassidy asked.

"Not yet," Kurt shook his head, "Oh look a Disney Store."

Cassidy looked around, "Where?" she pulled on Blaine's arm.

"Cassidy don't pull so hard," Blaine said making her come closer to him, "Or else we will buy a leash."

Cassidy shook her head, "I'm sorry, I'll be good now."

"Alright, we can look around the Disney Store if you want," Blaine said, "But remember to not whine if you find something you want."

Cassidy gave a nod, "I understand."

"Good," Blaine smiled and they walked across the street and into the Disney Store.

"Wow," Cassidy looked around, "Look Blainey, it's Timon and Pumba!" she pointed to the statues. "And Captain Hook and Peter Pan!"

"I see them," Blaine laughed as he watched his sister getting excited over the statues on the ceiling.

"Kurtie look it's the Aristocats," Cassidy said walking over to the stuffed animals, "He looks like you," she picked up the one of the kittens from the movie.

Kurt smiled and rolled his eyes, "Why thank you for reminding me of my abnormally relations to looking like a cat."

Blaine slipped his hand in Kurt's, "I still find it endearing."

"And that's all your going to find it," Kurt said giving him a look.

"Fine by me," Blaine said as he bumped their shoulders together. "Cassidy, what are you looking at?"

"This," Cassidy held up the small turtle from Finding Nemo, "Squirt is my favoriterist character. Can I get him, please?"

Blaine looked at her kneeling to his sister's level and picked up the small plush animal from her hands. He glanced at the price, it wasn't so expensive. "Are you sure this is what you want?"

Cassidy nodded, "Yes."

Blaine sighed, "Alright, we can get you this, but remember we said only one souvenir."

"Thank you," Cassidy said wrapping her arms around Blaine's neck.

Kurt smiled at them, "You know if you want, I could—"

"No," Blaine shook his head, "Thanks, but I did tell her she could get one thing."

"Okay," Kurt nodded his head, "I understand."

Blaine and Cassidy walked over to the cash register to pay for the small plushie when Kurt noticed something out of the corner of his eye. It was a lithograph from Tangled of when they were in the boat watching the lanterns singing their song. He picked it up hesitantly. It was a bit on the pricey side, but he wanted something of theirs to hang up in the apartment even if it was cheesy.

Kurt looked over his shoulder and saw Cassidy was keeping Blaine occupied over at another table looking at the shirts. He took the opportunity to slip over to the cash register and buy the lithograph.

"Oh this our limited edition monthly lithograph," the cashier smiled.

Kurt smiled, "Guess I'm glad our school's show choir competition was this weekend then."

"Sure are," the cashier handed him the neatly wrapped item, "Those two are adorable."

Kurt turned around and saw she was talking about Blaine and Cassidy, "They are."

"They were saying how they were visiting from out of town, brother and sister," the cashier said.

"You don't say," Kurt grinned.

"Well have a nice day," the cashier smiled.

Kurt couldn't help but keep smiling, "You too." He walked over to the Anderson siblings, "Ready to go?"

"What did you buy?" Blaine asked.

"Oh nothing," Kurt said as he put the Disney bag in another bag he was holding, "Now who wants to go to the American Girl Place?"

"I do," Cassidy jumped up and down.

They started walking out the door and Kurt glanced over his shoulder to see the cashier shaking her head with a laugh and gave him a wave. He waved back and they left the store.

Cassidy took both of their hands again, "Is it far?"

"Nope," Blaine shook his head, "It should just be up the road. And I am still curious what you bought."

"Oh hush you," Kurt said, "I think I see it," he smiled down at Cassidy.

They walked in and Cassidy was speechless. She had just started to read a few of the books, and when Blaine said they could stop by the store to see the dolls she couldn't have been more excited.

"It's so pretty," Cassidy squealed.

"Do you need any help with anything today?" a woman said standing by the door.

"No," Blaine shook his head, "We just wanted to look around for a bit."

"That's fine," the woman smiled, "You can look on our first floor for our historical doll collections and the second floor is our My American Girl doll collections."

"Thank you," Kurt said, "Go on Cassidy, take a look."

Cassidy walked up to the first doll, "Look at it," she pointed to the doll behind the glass, "It's so pretty."

Blaine nodded, "Yeah, look at the little kitchen set."

They went through every section looking at the dolls. Cassidy stopped in front of the Molly doll longest, because that's her favorite. When they were on the second floor Cassidy couldn't believe all the dolls they had.

"Did you want help finding a doll that looks just like you?" a woman who worked their asked.

"I can't get a doll," Cassidy said to the lady, "But Blaine says if I'm a good girl I might be able to get one for Christmas this year."

"I bet you have to be a special girl this year then," the woman smiled at her.

"Yep," Cassidy turned around and pointed to Blaine and Kurt who were looking at one of the outfits on display and talking about something, "That's Blainey and his boyfriend Kurt."

"Oh wow, well here," the woman turned around and handed her a catalogue, "Now you can go home and look to make sure you are making the right choice."

"Thank you," Cassidy took the catalogue and held it close to her as if it was a precious gift, "Thank you very much."

The woman was slightly surprised over Cassidy's love of a free magazine.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Blaine walked over, "Cassidy I told you to not leave my side."

"I didn't," Cassidy said to him, "You walked away."

The woman asked, "Don't worry, we were just talking, I hope you don't mind I gave her a free catalogue to keep."

"That's fine," Blaine smiled, "I suppose now you can tell me everything about them."

"I will," Cassidy held the catalogue close to her.

Kurt walked over, "Sorry to interrupt, but we need to get going and meet everyone for pizza soon."

"Understandable, have a wonderful day," the woman smiled.

"You too," Cassidy waved at her as they walked away. "She was so nice and gave me this," she told Blaine.

"I know," Blaine grinned.

Kurt leaned down, "Now Cassidy, I know you wanted a big Molly doll, but I was wondering if you would want one of the mini dolls to have in—"

Cassidy's arms were wrapped around Kurt's neck, "KURTIE!"

Kurt laughed, "I'll take that as a yes."

"Please," Cassidy let go and jumped, "Is it okay?" she turned to ask Blaine.

"Yes it's fine," Blaine nodded, "Let's go pick one out and then Kurt will get for you."

Cassidy took them back downstairs and she carefully selected one of the miniature sized versions of her favorite American Girl. They walked up to the counter and she gently placed it on the counter.

"Ooo, Molly. I quite like her," the woman said as she rung up the doll.

"She is my most favorite," Cassidy said to her watching as the lady wrapped the doll up placing it in the bag.

"And your total is $28.95," the woman said towards Kurt and Blaine. Kurt took out his card and swiped it.

"There you are," the woman said handing the bag to Cassidy, "Have a wonderful day you three."

"Thank you!" Cassidy said as she skipped to the exit.

"This is the kitten all over again," Blaine groaned.

Kurt laughed and kissed Blaine's cheek, "At least I'll be there to go through it with you this time."

Blaine snorted a laugh, "Thank goodness."

They made the short walk over to Gino's East and told them they were there with another party. Walking up the stairs the waitress dropped them off at the table with their friends.

"Hey, we saved you guys a seat," Finn said waving them over to the three empty chairs beside him, "And we already ordered the pizzas."

"Thanks," Kurt said as the slipped into the chair. Blaine sat down in the chair beside Kurt, and Cassidy followed who sat down next to Carole.

"Did you have a nice time today?" Carole asked Cassidy.

"I did," Cassidy said pulling her bags from the American Girl and Disney store, "Blaine and Kurt got me something." She showed everyone at the table who would listen.

Blaine reached over under the table and took Kurt's hand, "Thank you for everything today," he leaned his head on Kurt's shoulder.

Kurt turned and kissed him on the head, "And I have to thank you too. I love you."

"I love you too," Blaine smiled.

Blaine was adjusting his vest in the mirror in the makeshift green room they had when Kurt came and stood behind him.


"Like you wouldn't believe," Blaine said shaking his hands to get his nerves out.

Kurt put his hands on Blaine's shoulders, "You are amazing and you are going to be amazing."

"How do you know?" Blaine asked him.

"Now you are sounding like your sister," Kurt smiled at him. Blaine grinned and let his head fall forward. "You are going to be amazing because you are Blaine Anderson. And I have complete faith that you will knock them off their feet."

"How do you know that?" Blaine asked.

Kurt laughed out loud and rested his forehead on Blaine's, "Simple, because I love you."

Blaine felt a tear fall down his face as he wrapped his arms around Kurt's neck, "I love you too."

"Always," Kurt sighed while wrapping his arms around Blaine's middle.

On a television in the room, they could see and hear the Glee club who was performing before them.

Be our guest! Be our guest! Be our guest!

Get your worries off your chest

Let us say for your entree

We've an array; may we suggest:

Try the bread! Try the soup!

When the croutons loop de loop

It's a treat for any dinner…

The television was shut off and everyone turned around to see Mr. Schuester standing in the doorway. "Alright time to gather around everyone."

The New Directions all huddled together in a circle looking at one another. Some with tear filled faces, others with smiles knowing they will be enjoying every last moment together.

"I wasn't sure what I should say here," Mr. Schuester said looking around at all their faces, "But I think all I have say to say is that we've come a long way from last year. We've gotten some new faces," he smiled over at Blaine, "And we've all grown up to become a family. We're all moving on now, some of us far away, while others close to home. I think we all made one another proud this year and let's win this thing!"

All of the New Directions put their hands in the middle of the circle, "Let's rock this thing!" they all shouted lifting their hands up excitedly.

Kurt took Blaine's hand as they walked on to the stage, "Good luck," he kissed his cheek.

"You too," Blaine smiled and squeezed Kurt's hand, "I love you."

Kurt let go of Blaine's hand, "I love you too," and he went to stand on in his spot.

Blaine stood in his spot, while everyone was facing away from the audience in different directions. Then the announcer's voice started announcing their appearance.

"And now presenting the New Directions from Lima, Ohio!"

Continued on...


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