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Promises (29/32 + Epilogue)

Title: Promises
Rating: R
Word Count: 103,344+
Summary: Blaine and his younger sister, Cassidy, lives are changed and they have to learn how to deal with all of their new surroundings. And find the meanings to friendship, love and most of all family.

Notes: Alright little ducklings, it has been one hell of night for me. First I went to go see Pitch Perfect with my bestie and that movie was everything and more, then we talked in McDonalds for over an hour discussing Glee, after that we ventured through Walmart for about two hours because that's what we do on a Saturday night, and finally I came home to see the Tigers game which took forever to finish (12 freaking innings, but they won beating those Yanks!). And that is why I'm late posting this.
Anyways, we are getting down to the last few chapters. I am working on some new stories, so hopefully I can get those going soon. But this chapter popped into my mind and it just basically wrote itself. So off we go!

Disclaimer: I don't own Glee or the characters.

Kurt and Blaine walked down the hallway, with their hands touching lightly. "Can you make it to Glee tonight?"

"Yeah," Blaine shook his head, "And I can the rest of the week too. Although, tonight I have to pick up Cassidy and I pulled a late shift at that new job."

"I still don't see why you got another job," Kurt sighed.

Blaine smiled, "Well you know I've been thinking a lot, especially after our dinner with the Berry's."

"Thinking about what?" Kurt asked finally reaching over and taking Blaine's hand.

"About next year," Blaine shrugged.

Kurt lifted an eyebrow, "Where exactly is this going Blaine?"

Blaine looked around and pulled Kurt into an empty classroom. "Well I got this in the mail," he reached and pulled out an envelope.

Kurt looked at the NYU address label, "Did you open it yet?"

"Not yet," Blaine shook his head, "I wanted to open it with you."

"Open it now," Kurt smiled, "And whatever it says on that letter I still love you no matter what."

"Okay," Blaine nodded as he set his backpack on the floor. "Okay," his hands shook while he started opening the envelope.

One month ago…

Kurt was sitting on his bed holding up his envelope from Parsons. He was nervous sitting there. He had promised to open it with Blaine. That's why he was waiting for with the envelope sitting on his bed staring up at him..

Kurt heard the front door open and his dad was talking to Blaine. Blaine walked into the room opening the door slowly, "Hi."

Kurt smiled shyly, "Hi."

"You got it?" Blaine asked sitting down beside him.

"Yep," Kurt held up the envelope, "It's right here."

Blaine nodded slowly, "You can open it. I will be here no matter what happens."

Kurt brought the envelope up and started to open it, "What if it says that I didn't get in, and then everything I've worked towards doesn't matter anymore."

Blaine reached over and touched Kurt's hand, "Open it Kurt."

"You're right, I should just open it," Kurt nodded, "I can't. You do it."

Blaine shook his head, "No, you have to do it. This is all about you Kurt."

"Okay," Kurt picked up the envelope again, "You're right." He slowly started ripping open the envelope. He took out the paper, "You know when they have small envelopes like this it means I didn't get in."

"Kurt, look please," Blaine said as he put a hand on Kurt's thigh.

Kurt finally opened the paper slowly and read the words. His eyes were scanning the page.

"What does it say Kurt?" Blaine asked him.

Kurt looked up at Blaine, "It says…I'm…I'm in."

Blaine laughed and dove to wrap his arms around Kurt's neck. "You did it!"

Kurt wrapped his own arms around Blaine, "Thank you."

"Why are you thanking me?" Blaine asked.

Kurt grinned, "I doubt I could have done any of this without you," he said leaning into give Blaine a kiss.

"Come on, I know your Dad will want to know," Blaine stood up and held out his hand.

"Yeah," Kurt stood up off the bed and they ran out into the kitchen to tell Burt and Carole.

Blaine slowly took out the packet of papers, and he opened the papers up. His eyes were scanning the page, reading what was on the page.

"What wrong?" Kurt asked.

"It just says…" Blaine said looking at the paper.

Kurt moved to look at the paper and his eyes widened, "Blaine! Oh my god!" He wrapped his arms around Blaine, "You did it Blaine! They must have loved your audition tape. You did it!"

Blaine couldn't believe it. He was actually accepted into a university. And not only was he accepted into the university he had received a scholarship to pay part of his tuition. It wasn't all of it, but he could always get financial aid and loans to pay the rest.

Kurt leaned in and kissed Blaine, "You have no idea how proud I am of you right now." Blaine looked down and Kurt saw a tear fall down his cheek. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," Blaine shook his head, "It's just, no one has said that to me in years. I guess sometimes it's just nice to hear."

Kurt felt himself tear up, "Come here you," he said wrapping his arms around Blaine once again, "I love you. And I am so proud of you."

Blaine mumbled something into Kurt's chest, but Kurt didn't understand him.

"What was that?" Kurt asked pulling away.

"I said I love you too," Blaine smiled, "Forever."

"Forever," Kurt smiled himself and pressed their foreheads together.

"We're going to be late for Glee," Blaine said trying to pull away.

"Just one more second," Kurt said still wanting to hold on to Blaine.

They finally made there way to Glee and Kurt told Mr. Schuester that they had something exciting to tell everyone. "Blaine has some exciting news," Kurt moved Blaine to the center of the room. "Go ahead."

Blaine smiled, "Well, I got accepted to NYU," he said with a shrug.

Everyone cheered and stood up to run over to give him a group hug. They were all excited and shouting words of encouragement.


"Great job man!"


Blaine couldn't believe the past year, moving out of his uncle's house and then meeting Kurt. Everything that happened just made him feel so whole. And with his extra job he is making more money for him and Cassidy.

Blaine smiled as he picked up Cassidy, "Hey Cassidy!"

"Blainey!" Cassidy ran into Blaine's arms, "Guess what we did at school today."

"Hmm," Blaine brought a hand up to the side of his head, "Did you learn how to draw that bird you've always wanted to draw?"

"No," Cassidy giggled and shook her head, "Today we had a spelling test and I got a one hundred percent!"

"Wow! That's great baby girl," Blaine squeezed her, "You are so amazing! I actually have some news I wanted to talk to you about."

"Okay," Cassidy wiggled out of his arms and grabbed her backpack, "I'm ready to go."

Blaine turned towards Katherine, "Thanks so much for the help."

"No problem dear," Katherine smiled, "And I have a few meals for you as well."

"Thanks," Blaine took the containers, "This is great Katherine you have no idea how wonderful you really are."

"One can only imagine," Katherine laughed. "Now off you go. You two need your sleep."

"Course," Blaine nodded, "Have a good night." He opened the door and walked out. The first thing he noticed was the group of boys hanging out on the stairs. They need to walk by them, but he knew they wouldn't move.

Cassidy grabbed Blaine's hand, "Do you think we can have a snack before bed?"

"I think that would be alright," Blaine nodded, "Tomorrow will be later though because I have another shift."

"What are you doing fag?"

Blaine tried to ignore them, but they wouldn't move, "Could you move over, please."

The group of boys laughed at Blaine, "Who the fuck do you think you are?" one of them said.

Blaine can smell the alcohol on there breath, he just wanted to get to Cassidy inside. "Could you not use that language around my sister?"

The boy that lived in the apartment by them, stood up, "And what if we do, not like a faggot like you can stop us."

Blaine's hand curled into a fist, "I think you should back off," he said as Cassidy hid behind his leg.

"Blainey," Cassidy pulled on his shirt.

"Hey Steve," one of the boys said to the one who lived in the apartment next to them.

"Yeah?" Steve asked looking at him.

"Maybe we should mess this one up a bit."

Steve smiled, "I quite like that idea Q."

Blaine stood taller, "Would you please move out of the way,"

"He is acting like he got some balls or something," Steve said, "Why don't you drop off that little shit and we can get on with this."

"Hey!" Blaine shouted, "Don't you ever talk about my sister like that!"

Steve took a step towards Blaine, "What are you going to do about it?"

"Blainey," Cassidy said pulling on shirt trying to pull him back.

"Yeah, Blainey," Steve laughed, "Why don't you drop her off and then we can talk."

Blaine swallowed, but the lump in his throat wasn't helping, "Step aside Steve."

"Now he thinks he's a funny guy using my name," Steve then looked back at his friends, "What do you think? I think the only diagnoses for this cock in ass disease would be a beat down."

"Would you please just step out of the way," Blaine said through gritted teeth.

"Not going to happen homo," one of the other boys said standing up in back of Steve.

Cassidy started crying in back of Blaine, "Can we please just go home," Blaine pleaded.

"Look at that, goes to bad mouthing to begging," Steve howled in laughter, "Can only imagine what you sound like in the bedroom."

Blaine lost it then, he reached out and pushed Steve, "I said shut up!"

"You want to try that again fag," Steve reached over and grabbed Blaine by the collar.

Blaine tried to get out of his grip, "Let me go ass!"

"Blainey!" Cassidy shouted running towards him.

One of the other guys grabbed onto to her arm, "No way munchkin."

Blaine tried to make him let go, "Don't you dare touch my sister!"

"Or what?" Steve laughed, "What are you going to do about it?"

"Let her go!" Blaine tried to push Steve away, but he was holding a tight grip on his shirt.

"Hey! Quit the shouting!" Steve mocked him, "Now I have two words to say to you. Fuck off!" He then raised his arm and hit Blaine in the face.

Blaine tried to hit back, but he couldn't because the other guy ran up and held him back, "Let my sister go!"

"I want to know why you're so worried about her," Steve grinned evilly, "When you're the one that is getting the beat down," he pulled is arm back and punched him in the stomach.

Blaine tried to fall down from the pain, but Steve held him up. He tried looking over at Cassidy, hoping she wasn't watching this. Steve pulled back and hit him in the face again.

Then there was someone yelling, "Hey! Leave them alone!"

Steve threw Blaine onto the ground and looked in the direction of the yelling, "What the hell Katherine?"

Katherine held her ground while holding a baseball bat in one hand, "I said leave them alone before I call the police!"

Steve held his hands up as if he surrendered, "Fine, let's get out of here," he turned towards his friends and they walked away.

Cassidy ran over to Blaine, "Blainey are you okay?"

Blaine felt like he had one of the worst headaches in the world right now and all he wanted to do was curl up in a tight ball and cry.

"Come on sweetie," Katherine said taking Cassidy's hand, "Blaine, can you stand up?"

Suddenly there was someone running towards him, "Blaine!" Kurt's voice was in his head now, "What happened?"

Blaine didn't say anything as Kurt lifted him up and he started crying into his shoulder.

Kurt looked over at Katherine, "Could you watch Cassidy for the night?"

"Course I can sweetheart," Katherine said, "Come on Cassidy, let's make you a bed on my couch."

"No!" Cassidy cried, "I want to see Blaine!"

"I know you do," Katherine tried to say to her, "But tonight he—"

"I want to see Blaine!" she called out again.

Kurt let Blaine go for a moment and he kneeled down in front of Cassidy, "Cassidy, I need you to stay at Katherine's for the night. Just for tonight and then tomorrow we are going to spend the entire day together. I promise to watch over Blaine tonight."

"Okay," Cassidy finally nodded, "Let's go Katherine." She picked her backpack up and they walked back to apartment.

Kurt went back to Blaine, who was just standing there with an empty look in his eyes. "Where are your keys?" Blaine just silently pointed to bag now on the ground along with the meals Katherine had given him.

Kurt picked up the bag and the containers which were a bit shaken, but were alright. He held out his hand which Blaine took and they walked up the stairs together. Finding the keys in Blaine's bag, he opened the apartment door and let them in.

"I'll set up the bed, why don't you go shower," Kurt instructed him, "I'll heat up some food for you and don't you dare argue."

Blaine didn't argue he went straight to the shower as Kurt told him. He was in a daze the entire time. He noticed there was a pair of pajamas now sitting on the bathroom counter when he got out. He put them on and walked out into the living room. He winced when he felt the frozen bag of vegetables touch his face.

"Sorry," Kurt whispered leading him to the now made bed. Blaine sat up near the head of the bed. Kurt followed him, pulling the comforter around them. "Hope you don't mind I borrowed a pair of your pajama bottoms." He held out a plate, "Here eat and don't tell me you aren't hungry."

Blaine took the fork and started to push around the pasta on the plate. He sighed heavily as he took a bite and then winced at the pain from getting hit in the jaw.

"Oh," Kurt let his head fall, "I'm trying to be here for you Blaine, but if you don't talk to me I can't help you."

Blaine didn't say anything. He leapt up from the bed running into the bathroom. He went to the toilet and lost everything he ate that day.

Kurt walked up behind rubbing his back, "Here," he handed him a towel to wipe his face off with. "I guess food is out of the question now."

Kurt helped Blaine stand up and then he walked him back to the living room, once again placing him in the bed. He pulled the covers up to cover Blaine, "I'm going to put this in the kitchen," he gestured towards the plate. He took the plate and set it in the sink, he sighed looking over at the couch worried about his boyfriend.

Realizing he had Blaine's Calculus book and wanted to return it to him, and that's why he was coming to Blaine's apartment so late at night. While Finn did tease him about just coming for a late night booty call, which made Kurt yell at him and almost grounding him, he is here now for Blaine.

Kurt walked back to the couch and crawled under the covers with his boyfriend. Blaine curled into Kurt wrapping his arms around his waist and he started crying. He pulled Blaine closer to him. Blaine cried until he couldn't cry anymore and started hiccupping in his sleep.

Kurt stroked Blaine's hair never wanting to let him go. "I love you," Kurt whispered as he lowered them down and closed his own eyes waiting for sleep to come.

The morning seemed to come too soon to Kurt. He felt someone sleeping on top of him. His dad informed him he would call the schools to let them know they weren't coming in today. He knew Blainewouldn't be up to it, and he promised Cassidy they would talk to her, but first he had to talk to Blaine.

In the night Blaine had woken up thrashing, which Kurt had to calm him down from. He once again he cried himself to sleep. Kurt knew it had something to do with Blaine's past, but wanted to get the answers in the morning when Blaine was thinking more clearly.

Blaine nuzzled his face into Kurt's chest and he mumbled something that Kurt couldn't hear, "What did you say?" he asked running a hand through Blaine's hair.

Blaine turned his head, "I'm sorry," his voice was scratchy from all of the crying and just waking up.

"You have nothing to be sorry for," Kurt brushed the hair from his forehead, "I would like an explanation though. I don't really know what happened last night. Only that those jackasses hit you and you…I'm not sure, but you obviously didn't punch back."

"There wouldn't be a point," Blaine said almost whispering.

"A point at what?"

"Fighting back," Blaine wrapped his arms tighter around Kurt because he was there and solid right now, "I've tried all my life to fight back and nothing ever comes from it."

"Does this have more to do than with those idiots last night?" Kurt asked him.

"My uncle used to say things like that to me," Blaine rubbed some circles into Kurt's sides with his thumbs. "I guess it just brought back some memories. And then when they were talking about Cassidy, I just wanted to rip them apart."

Kurt was silent, he knew Blaine needed to get this out. He understood that listening was the best thing he could do right now.

"I just wanted to get her somewhere safe, but they wouldn't move out of the way," Blaine sighed, "It's like they knew we were coming. I wish they would have left her alone. I hope she didn't have nightmares last night." Blaine then lifted himself up, "Wait, where is she?" he asked suddenly worried about his sister's well being not remembering what happened last night.

"I made her spend the night at Katherine's," Kurt pulled Blaine back down, "Now why don't you start from the beginning and explain what happened."

Blaine nodded slowly and told Kurt the story of how he left Katherine's apartment and up until he was hit the second time in the face. He told Kurt that he really didn't remember him helping last night either.

Kurt wrapped his arms around Blaine, "You realize that I love you."

"I love you too," Blaine repeated back to him.

"No Blaine, sit up," Kurt said pushing Blaine up. Blaine slowly sat up and Kurt followed, "Now I need you to listen to me. Will you listen to me?"

"Yeah," Blaine sighed looking down.

Kurt put a finger underneath Blaine's chin to lift it, "Hey, I want to see your eyes. Now I need you to know that I love you. I understand that our predicament isn't what you would call normal, but it's us and I love it. It makes me happy every day to know that if I ever need you will always be there. And that goes for you as well, if you ever need anything like last night I will be here for you, I just happened to be here."

Blaine looked into Kurt's eyes not understanding what he was doing, "Kurt, I know—"

"I wasn't done," Kurt said holding a finger up to Blaine's lips, "Now I wanted to go through everything I love about you. I love that even before we started dating, we were friends, best friends and still are. I love how you light up when talking about Cassidy. I love how you decided to come to New York with me. I love your eyes and how they sparkle when you smile," he reached up to stroke Blaine's cheek.

"I love how beautifully tragic you look when you cry because I just look awful," Kurt laughed and finally Blaine gave a small smile, "I love when we hold hands they fit perfectly together. I love how you want to take me out on dates even though you don't need to impress me. I love the little things you do, especially that thing you do when you are irritated and run a hand over your hair."

Blaine let his head fall with a laugh.

"And guess what," Kurt looked at Blaine.

Blaine looked up again to look Kurt in the eyes, "What?"

"We haven't been dating long and I may seem crazy to some people, but I love the idea of spending the future with you. I love the idea because I know you are going to have the most beautiful laugh lines as you grow older," Kurt leaned in and kissed Blaine on the face, "Here," he leaned in again, "and here. And how one day you will see your sister grow up and graduate knowing you helped put her up there walking across the stage."

Blaine felt a tear fall down his cheek. He honestly couldn't say what he felt right now.

"I love how you are going to college because I think that is first thing you have decided to do for yourself in so long and you deserve it. You deserve everything and more Blaine. I just want to be there for you cheering you on, taking everything in."

Blaine finally reached up and wiped his tears away, "You have stop making me happy cry."

Kurt smiled, "I suppose a happy cry is good though. A happy cry is something I need to see rather then a sad cry."

"I suppose," Blaine reached over and took Kurt's hand, "I know what you mean about how we're young and haven't been together long. I just don't see anybody else there besides you though. I remember when you first bumped into me and I felt like you turned me into a puddle of goo. And here you are and I sometimes want to pinch myself for even believing I had a small chance with you. I love you so much."

Kurt pulled Blaine close to him, "I love you too. And you have to never ever scare me like that again."

Blaine laughed into Kurt's chest, "Yeah, I know." He looked up at Kurt, "How does my face look?"

Kurt bit his bottom lip, "I'm not going to lie you have a pretty nice shiner there."

"Guess I can tell people I got into a fight," Blaine shrugged, "Maybe they will back off and not ask any questions that way."

Kurt smiled, "We should go pick up your sister, she is probably freaking out since it's after eleven already."

"What," Blaine sat up quickly, "It's almost noon?"

Kurt laughed, "You were positively exhausted last night. And not just with all of that," he gestured towards Blaine's face.

"I suppose," Blaine sighed, "You're right, maybe I shouldn't have picked up that other job."

"It is a bit much Blaine," Kurt said holding his hand.

"I just need to make the money if we are going to live anywhere near you in New York," Blaine said sadly.


"What? What's wrong?" Blaine asked him worriedly.

Kurt looked up at Blaine, "Nothing, you're fine. It's just you said living near me."

Blaine nodded, "Yeah, and?"

"Well," Kurt was now playing with the hem of shirt he borrowed from Blaine, "I just thought since you were coming to New York, that we were going to go together."

Blaine's eyebrows scrunched together, "I thought that's what…what do you mean?"

"Blaine," Kurt smiled, "I want you, Cassidy, and me to move into together."

"Really?" Blaine asked surprised, "I thought since I had Cassidy you wouldn't…I mean, she's a little girl."

"I know that Blaine," Kurt laughed, "I want to live with you. I already told you I see myself growing up and getting old with you."

Blaine smiled, "I would love to move in with you."

"You are amazing," Kurt reached out and wrapped his arms around Blaine, "Let's go get your sister and tell her about moving to New York."

"Sounds like a good idea," Blaine smiled.

End Chapter Notes: So I hoped you liked that chapter and if you did or didn't let me know. Trying to get these last chapters out soon I hope.
TTFN! Have a wonderful day and pleasant tomorrow. (I think that's from SNL...I can't remember. To tired right now.)

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